Appropriately Forbidden. Database Resources Card Database Advanced Card Search Yu-Gi-Oh! EXODIA VS BLUE-EYES! Deck Resources Deck Builder Upload Deck Edit Deck. Exodia is the most popular and oldest "special win condition" card in Yu-Gi-Oh. An alternate win condition deck, Exodia decks can be one of the most frustrating types of decks to go up against. Pack Simulator Collection Management Top Cards. This guide will show you how to use it correctly. Deck Profile: “Exodia” 8 Dicembre 2017 22 Ottobre 2018 Christian Cadeddu 0 Commenti blue eyes white dragon , change of heart , dark magician , dark magician girl , fallen , graceful charity , painful choice , pharaoh , pot of greed , puzzle , Ra , ring of destruction , stories , yu-gi-oh API. se vuoi un exodia FTK (che vince al primo turno) eccolo..mostri.5 pezzie di exodia.3 drago bianco.3 piedtra bianca della leggenda.2 guardia ; Destiny HERO - Defender With a very high DEF of 2700, this card is a wall that triggers Appropriate. With newer cards being released which increase speed, Exodia is a more viable deck than ever before. Tu mensaje aparecerá en el directo!!! ¿Quieres apoyarme con una donación? mi potreste fare un exodia competitivo? This deck uses Appropriate as a draw engine to get to Exodia.. Chainsaw Insect A 2400 beater that allows your opponent to draw, triggering Appropriate's effect. deck exodia da torneo ... Il 90% dei giocatori di Yu-Gi-Oh! che giocano competitivo hanno speso più di 100€ per il proprio mazzo. Se sei nel 10% che ha speso molto poco e ha scambiato molto, copia questa frase nella tua firma. (Yugioh Competitive Duel) /w Xylophoney★ SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/29IJe2VTurn on Notifications and keep a Pinky on that LIKE button! Le migliori offerte per YUGIOH Exodia 2020 OTK TORNEO DECK-Golden Bamboo Sword-rotto 40 carte sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e … : https://streamlabs.com/zerotg_ También puedes apoyarme GRATIS! Typically they work alongside as many spells as possible to thin the deck within no more than three turns, drawing through their entire deck in hopes of drawing Exodia before they can be killed by their opponent. This deck is not legal in the TCG because it conflicts with the banlist: Deck has 1 Graceful Charity but the official banlist limits this card to 0; Deck has 2 Harpie's Feather Duster but the official banlist limits this card to 1; Deck has 3 Monster Reborn but the official banlist limits this card to 1; Deck has 3 Pot of Greed but the official banlist limits this card to 0 ; The Bistro Butcher A less effective version of Chainsaw Insect, but still useful for the purpose nonetheless. -Competitivo: Regular/Bueno Como usar el Side Deck: Es poco usual ver Side Deck en una base de Exodia por lo que explicaré como la uso para tener buenos resultados.

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